Investing Money Blog is a personal finance blog that is here to help you do one simple and yet challenging thing: invest your money. It starts with creating a positive cash flow, or having money to invest with, and then learning to put your money to work. Investing your money can be overwhelming. Too many people feel the stress of investing money to be too much work and effort. We’re here to simplify that process in order to keep you earning positive returns and ahead of the game.

What to Expect on Investing Money Blog

You can expect fresh, up-to-date articles that deal with the topic of investing money. This includes personal stories as well as practical advice. The idea is that you can learn how to maintain an investment portfolio by learning from others. I believe that once you understand that you don’t have to live stressing about your investment portfolio, you will enjoy life more. Not only that, but you will stay on top of your finances and live a more balanced life.

Who am I?

So, who am I and why am I so special? Well, I currently don’t have any debt and I have a large enough cash flow each month that allows me to invest each and every month. Before you think that I make lots of money, I will be clear that I don’t make that much money. I prioritize my spending and as a result, am able to invest so that I can secure a better future for my family. I remember what it was like to not know anything about investing and I don’t want anyone to be without valuable resources to guide them through the difficult phase.