Carnival of Retirement

Welcome to another edition of the Carnival of Retirement. Thanks to all of you who participated. Without further ado, here are the submissions for this week. I did my best to include everyone, but eliminated some of those who tried to submit twice. :)

Roger Wohlner @ The Chicago Financial Planner writes 5 Timeless 401(k) Investing Tips – Your 401(k) can be a great retirement savings vehicle. Like any other investment, it does take work to ensure that your savings are working hard for your retirement.

Michael Kitces @ Nerd’s Eye View writes How To Handle A Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Increase – Retirees with long-term care insurance are increasingly receiving notifications of premium increases, and sometimes they’re substantial. The good news is that companies give policyowners a lot of choices about how to handle a premium increase; the bad news is that you have a lot to choose from!

James Petzke @ This Is Common Cents writes Couponing: The Time Consuming Way to Increase Your Spending – Coupons can only get you deals on processed crap food, not good, whole, healthy ingredients.

Rohit @ The Money Mail writes Roth IRA Conversion – Converting to a Roth IRA is a very easy and simple process. This article provides an overview of the Roth IRA conversion rules and process. If you are looking to convert your Traditional IRA or 401K account to a Roth IRA, read on.

James @ Free in Ten Years writes Book review: Your Money or Your Life – Your Money or Your Life changed my life financially and is on the way to changing my life completely by allowing me to reach financial independence faster than I thought was possible.

Andrew @ 101 Centavos writes “Quick, Help Me Find a Career” – New college graduates may not be “entitled” to a career, but there are plenty of “jobs” around. Just a matter of looking.

Dividend Growth Investor @ Dividend Growth Investor writes Why dividend investors should never touch principal? – I recently read an article from Forbes about generating income in retirement. While I disagree with the portfolio constructed by the editorial staff, what grabbed my attention was the following quote from Lord Greystoke in the movie “Tarzan”: “Someday, he says to the young man from the jungle, this will all be yours: Live off the income from the land, but don’t sell any of it.”

Joe Cassandra @ 7Minute Entrepreneur writes Use Less Energy to Automate Yourself to Success More Efficiently – Psychology lesson on automating and mastering tasks to better succeed in negotiation, interviewing, and socializing.

Walt Valdemoro @ My Wealth Desire writes Why Pay off Home Mortgage Early: Shocking Mortgage Meaning – Every family needs a shelter and to call it a home; owning a home is one of the investments we can share with our kids. Most people, like Americans, their greatest dream is to have their own home and to pay off their mortgage. However, some homeowners cannot manage to pay off their home mortgage before reaching their retirement age.

Marvin @ Brick By Brick Investing writes How I Manage My 401k – A detailed description of how I use technical and fundamental analysis to manage my 401k.

FMF @ Free Money Finance writes A Simple Way to Calculate Your Retirement Number – In How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? (60 Minute Financial Solutions) the author provides a simple way to calculate your retirement number.

Debt Guru @ Debt Free Blog writes Budgeting for the Year – The year is almost coming to a close and that means a lot of things. Not only does it mean Holidays, vacation, time with family, but also the beginning of a new year. This is the time of the year that people start to go crazy with new years resolutions.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Were We Worried When Buying Our New House? Great Question! – A reader asked if our unstable income caused us to worry while we were having our new house built. Short answer, yes. But there is more to the story…

Jon the Saver @ Free Money Wisdom writes Ideas for Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Young Children – Christmas does not always have to be expensive. They won’t realize how much you spent on them. As long as they think it’s cool, you’re good!

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes Rearranging My Financial Priorities – A dumb decision in college kept me from catching the travel bug for more than a decade. Now, I’m rethinking my financial priorities.

Tushar @ Earn More and Save writes Peer to Peer Lending Versus CDs – Peer to peer lending and CDs – which is a better vehicle to invest your money?

Ryan @ Early Retirement Investments writes Finding Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line – Here are the ways to increase your bottom line. See if you thought of these options.

Greg @ Club Thrifty writes How Much Money is Enough? – You probably heard that the Powerball jackpot recently reached an estimated $550 million dollars. It got me thinking, “How much money is enough?”

Michelle @ The Shop My Closet Project writes What if money didn’t matter? – Read my take on if money did not matter! What do you think?

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes How To Dominate The Dow – Who wants to spend all their time researching a company to truly understand whether or not it’s a good investment? Nobody! That’s why I’m bringing to you 3 -Easy Button- strategies to get the ridiculous returns you deserve!

Grand Per Month writes What If You Don’t Earn a Grand Per Month? – What if you’re one of those paycheck-to-paycheck people? What if you attempt to earn an additional $1,000 per month and you continually come up short? Let’s say that you only end up earning an extra $200 per month, did you ever stop and think that over the course of a year, that’s an extra $2,400?!?

Cash Flow Mantra writes Hoping the Rental House Refinance Works Out – 5 of my rental properties are the ones that I will be able to refinance. I figured that while I was decreasing the interest rate, I would also look into decreasing the term. Currently, my rates run from 6.38% to 7% with remaining terms of 21 to 23 years. I had him look at 20 year and 15 year numbers, and I am liking what I see.

Derek Knight @ Freeat33 writes Why Do We Fight About Money? – Why Would TWO Financial Bloggers Fight About Money? Because We Are Human. Does This Sound Like Your Marriage?

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes Spending Less Than You Earn – Spending less than you earn is one of the most basic things in the world. Everyone says that it is easy, but it’s much harder to actually carry out.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Low Minimum Mutual Funds to Consider Investing In – I’ve researched a lot of mutual funds and I found these low minimum mutual funds to consider investing in.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes Year-end Tax Planning Tips – Are you doing year-end tax planning? If not, be prepared to pay more in taxes! As a former Chief Financial Officer (CFO), I routinely did year-end tax planning for the companies I worked for. Along with our accounting firm, we took a proactive role in reducing our taxes.

Ashley @ Money Talks Coaching writes Living Beyond Rich – Did you know I’m in a book?! It’s called Living Beyond Rich and it launches today! Wohoo! I’m so excited.

Corey @ Steadfast Finances writes How Much Does College Really Cost? – College costs a lot more than just tuition. The cost of college also includes other fees associated with getting a college degree.

TDB @ Tax Deduction Blog writes How to get the best tax advantage with HSA? – HSA provides all the advantages of a traditional IRA, including tax-deductible contributions and the best of Roth IRA, which is tax-free growth?

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Sometimes it’s Not about Money: My Splurge on an Afternoon at Natural Hot Springs – I dropped my bags in my hotel room, took a quick glimpse in the mirror to check for post-flight acceptability, and immediately rented a car in downtown Denver.

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes Savings Account vs Money Market – If someone were to tell me a year ago that having a savings account could be a bad thing, I would have probably laughed in their face.

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes Moving Jobs? Take Your Retirement Fund with You – How many times have you changed jobs? Three, four, five, or more? Each time you change jobs, do you make sure to take your retirement with you? If you are young and only employed briefly, do you just pay the penalties and instead cash out the retirement and pocket the money? We live in a The post Moving Jobs? Take Your Retirement Fund with You appeared first on The Penny Hoarder.

Daisy @ Add Vodka writes Giveaway: Apple iPad3 – Last week, we were in the mall Christmas shopping for our families and we walked by the Apple Store. It was, of course, chock full of Christmas shoppers. I dragged the boyfriend into the store to take a look at an Apple iPad3.

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes Lending Club: One Year Later – It’s been a little over a year since I started investing in Lending Club. It looks like my performance has pretty good! Here’s what I’ve learned.

Jennifer Lynn @ Broke-Ass Mommy writes A Mish-Mash of Goals – Read how I’m doing with my financial goals and really life goals too!

PPlan @ Provident Plan writes Should you rent or buy your next home? – Buying a home is definitely a large investment. There are a lot of things that should be thought about, but what if renting your home is actually a better

Eddie @ Finance Fox writes Tipping Etiquette a Touchy Subject For Patrons and Servers – I’ve written a few articles in the past about the tipping etiquette, how much to tip and in which cases to tip. Yet, tipping etiquette is different for everyone.

Your Boss @ What Your Boss Really Thinks writes Ask Your Boss: How To Negotiate a Job Offer – how to negotiate a job offer, points of negotiating, salary negotiating, job interviews, boss’s point of view on salary negotiating.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes Investing in Real Estate vs. Stock Market – Retail investors often flock to two very different asset classes to reach their retirement goals. Each one has its own advantages.

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin writes Things I Learned About Myself in November – Last month I decided to explore a different realm of writing besides blogging, and I joined NaNoWrimo. I was writing a novel. In one month. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. During this one month I not only attempted to write a novel, I also did some self-analysis, self-exploration and self-beating.

Passive Income Earner @ The Passive Income Earner writes How To Rebalance a Stock Portfolio – Find out what you need to look out for when rebalancing a stock portfolio

Peter @ Bible Money Matters writes The Dangers of Co-Signing Private Student Loans: Should a Mother Be Responsible for Her Deceased Son’s Student Loans? – Co-signing for your child’s student loans may be a risk you are willing to take, but did you know that if you co-sign a private school loan for your child and your child dies, you are still responsible for the payments?

Josh Thompson @ Becoming Your Own Bank writes Cash Value Life Insurance – Cash value life insurance may not be as bad as you think, in fact, it may be better than your current investments, or a great part of an overall investment portfolio.

Andrea Travillian @ writes Retirement Planning: Should your 401k match be part of your savings goal – How to decide if your savings goal should include your companies matching contribution.

Savvy Scot @ The Savvy Scot writes SALLTYE – Spend a LOT Less Than You Earn – A GREAT point from The Savvy Scot this week; SALLTYE – Spend A Lot Less Than You Earn.. And Here’s why

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes Will Your Balanced Fund Protect You In The Next Bear Market? – Considering investing in a balanced fund? Here is the definition of what a balanced fund is, and some things you may want to consider before investing.

Sicorra @ Tackling Our Debt writes Blog Planner – An Effective Way to Organize and Manage Your Blog – You are welcome to download your free copy of my 2013 Blog Planner and begin using it right away. This Blog Planner is divided up into multiple tabs to literally keep track of every aspect of blogging.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes Give Yourself the Spirit of Entrepreneurialism this Christmas – Entrepreneurialism needs variety of conditions and a tidy, pleasant working environment is one of them.

Gary @ Gajizmo – PF writes Why You Should Always Carry Cash With You – We all worry about getting mugged with a handful of cash in our wallet, but there are plenty of good reasons you should always carry cash with you.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Save Your Pennies for a Rainy Day – Saving money is essential. You never know when you are going to run into a “rainy day” where you will need that money. Medical emergencies, car emergencies, or family situations may arise where you need to dip into your emergency fund.

ETZ25 @ Entertainment Timez writes Fun With Free Christmas Activities – These are the free christmas activities that I enjoy doing during this christmas year

Evan @ My Journey to Millions writes After 5.5 Years I Sold My Home and I Don’t Think I Made Any Money – o despite the worst housing correction in a generation I sold the property for a price $298,000 (maximum asking was $304K plus capital improvements). So I made a quick 20%, right? Not a chance and that is what I am curious about calculating.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes And The Worst College Major Is – It’s becoming clearer that students must carefully select their major, analyze job prospects 4-5 years out, work out a cost/benefit analysis, and monitor their student loan debt. Crossing their fingers and hoping the economy remains stable might also help!

Justin @ My University Money writes Six Online Shopping Safety Tips – Many of us have become pretty comfortable shopping online. That’s good because it enables us to save money and it also shows that we’re embracing technological change. At the same time, that comfort level can also expose us to identity theft and security breaches that can do a lot of damage.

Young @ Young And Thrifty writes How a Savings Account Keeps You Out of Debt – Like Rodney Dangerfield, savings accounts don’t get any respect. In a world dominated by exchange traded funds, tax-sheltered retirement plans, and low interest credit cards, savings accounts are kind of dull.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes How To Evaluate The Return On Rental Property And Investment Real Estate – There are a few things that you need to consider when evaluating your options on the return on rental property and investment real estate. Here are a few things that you need to think about when investing.

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes Who Should Pay For Bridesmaids’ Expenses? – Who pays for the expenses incurred by bridesmaids? It’s a question every bride-to-be has grappled with, and one that lacks a coherent answer.

Invest It Wisely writes 3 Low Cost Ways to Grow Your Small Business – Thanks to the Internet and your own social skills, there are plenty of ways to grow your business that don’t cost a dime.

Sean @ One Smart Dollar writes How to Answer the Top 10 Most Common Interview Questions – With unemployment rates at such high levels, employees need every advantage to better the other candidates. Here are answers for the top 10 most common interview questions

Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents writes Roth IRA Rules 2013 – The IRS has revealed it current Roth IRA rules. This data was based on a variety of factors and figures including inflation statistics to come up with new limits for the contributions.

Investor Junkie @ Investor Junkie writes Bond Ratings Explained – Bond ratings matter just as much for stock investors as they do bond investors. Ratings are important for passive investors, as well. Understanding what the ratings system means is just one more way to make better decisions about where to allocate your investment dollars.

Mr. Money @ Smart on Money writes Student Loans: Federal vs. Private – It is best to try for scholarships and grants, and save up money with a 529 Plan, before deciding to borrow for college. After all, borrowing — no matter where you get the money — means that you have to pay interest as well, and that can be quite expensive over time.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes How to Improve Your Family’s Finances – It’s been a while since I have written specifically about family finances. In the past year, my wife have made huge progress in our family’s financial situation. In the past year, both of us have received promotions/new jobs, increased our savings, invested more money, and also splurged a little.

MR @ Money Reasons writes Using Paypal As A Simplified Bookkeeping System – I recently signed up for the PayPal credit card so I could used paypal as a simplified bookkeeping system for tax purposes.

Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes Spread Betting on Golf – Spread betting on golf offers an interesting departure to financial betting. Bets can be placed on markets on all US and European gold tournaments in addition to most Asian events.

BARBARA FRIEDBERG @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes YOU ARE ALREADY WEALTHY – Wealthy life is more than money. Count the ways you are rich (hint, not only money)

CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes When to Not Be Passive with Passive Income – Passive income takes some time commitment at certain times. Find out when you should invest your time.

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes What Is An Appropriate Holiday Tip To Give? – Thanksgiving is behind us and now it is on to the mad holiday dash that will include office Christmas parties, trips to the local mall, and lots of gift

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes 5 More Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Winter – Here are 5 more ways in addition to the earlier ones on ways to prepare you home for the winter.

John S @ Frugal Rules writes First Steps to Investing in the Stock Market – Just starting to invest in the stock market can be a daunting task for many. But, with a few simple guidelines you can get started on the road to investing for your future.

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes 3 Tips for Reducing Consumerism the Holiday Season – I do enjoy the holiday season. I like the putting up the tree, and I enjoy spending time with family, and I like that winter is falling, and that I want to be

Matt @ Dividend Monk writes Accelerated Financial Freedom – How to cut in half the time it takes to become financially independent.

Roger the Amateur Financier @ The Amateur Financier writes Three Things to Do Right Before a Baby’s Birth – A short guide to some of the things you need to do right before a baby is born into your family, from making a baby delivery bag to preparing for a week of food

Marie at Family Money Values @ Family Money Values writes When I’m 64 – Not many of us think about being 64, losing our hair, doing the garden, scrimping and saving to rent a cottage in the summer, dangling grandchildren on our knees – when we are just out of high school. I know I didn’t.

Carmen @ My Best Car Insurance 101 writes Ways To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance – The New Year is coming and we’re all going to be checking our budgets for the last year. Your insurance premiums will surely stand out and you’ll want to find ways to get cheaper rates and keep the best coverage.

Michael Kitces @ Nerd’s Eye View writes The Emerging Next Generation Of Variable Annuities – An Asset Location Tool? – Historically, variable annuities have been relatively unfavorable because of their costs. But a new generation of annuities are emerging, with a new purpose – a low-cost, tax-deferral wrapper for tax-inefficient investments that can increase long-term investing wealth for retirees!

Jason @ Work Save Live writes US Bank FlexPerks(R) Travel Rewards Visa Signature(R) Card – Just weeks away from Christmas, we all know how expensive the holidays can be. Forget the presents, food, and décor… I am talking about the costly traveling to see our loved ones. After all, there is nothing that kills your Christmas buzz quite like spending hundreds or even thousands on flights and lodging to be near family for -the most wonderful time of the year-.

Deacon @ Well Kept Wallet writes How to Track Your Finances Online for Free – Do you want to get a handle on your finances? Have you ever thought about tracking your spending? It is amazing how fast money can disappear if we don’t have a plan. There are many different resources out there to help you manage your finances, however, there is one website that I use that has helped us to become debt-free (except the home).

Girl Meets Debt writes Girl Meets Debt (No Longer in Financial Denial) – They say that the first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem. It is actually very intimidating yet liberating at the same time to say (or write!) that I have a debt problem. I am ready to be proactive and tackle this debt on.

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