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Real Estate Investing is a great alternative to the stock market. Learn the basics.

Why the Sudden Jump in Mortgage Rates?

Something unusual happened this past week. Mortgage rates that had remained relatively stable for the past year suddenly jumped ½% to 4%. Now home- buyers are wondering what is going on. Did we hit bottom for mortgage rates? Several factors are at play when we try to find answers.Continue Reading

Tips for Real Estate Investing in India

So you are all geared up to purchase the house of your dreams, accrued all your savings, inquired the financial institutions about all the lending criteria and the term for which you will be taking up the loan. But, this is not all. While you might be overwhelmed with excitement and enthusiasm to be finally stepping into your own home, remember this is one of the biggest investments of your life. And experienced home buyers too might falter if they do not pay attention to certain important criteria. The decision of purchasing a house is not a mere child’s play and is much more than just monetary considerations. Hence, prior to taking the plunge, take a quick peek into some important things that you should check out while looking for a house in India.Continue Reading

Investment Strategies

Everyone is looking for a great investment. Everyone dreams of high rate of returns and liquidity in their investments accompanied by low maintenance. It’s not everyday that you find all three in one. In fact, it’s almost impossible. When you find high rate of returns, it usually means you sacrifice liquidity or you spend your time hunched over a computer wasting your time. Despite the difficult to find the perfect investment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find great investments. But first, it starts with selecting the best investment tool or strategy.Continue Reading

Real Estate Investing- A Viable Investment Strategy?

Many people have looked into real estate investing as a viable option to invest their money. While we believe that investing money is important, regardless of where it is being put to use, we thought we would analyze whether it is a viable option to grow wealth. If it is, then it may be a great way to further diversify your money. If not, you may be wasting hours and hours of work in addition to money on something that isn’t going to give you a long-term return.Continue Reading