Genetic Testing for Dogs – Why You Should Want It

The human genome project decoded the genetic code of our species. It has started a revolution in medicine. Genetic testing on humans has already brought accurate predictions about disease risks for individuals and has led to cures for diseases. The original project cost billions of dollars and took 10 years. Now companies like offer extensive testing, via a simple saliva test, which can examine 10,000 plus SNPs. These single nucleotide polymorphism, or so called “snips,” tell us of small differences in genes between one person and another. These differences could cause disease or characteristics of a super athlete. The information is becoming increasingly more important to our health and well being. How they have genetic tests for dogs.

The Wisdom Panel is a company that offers genetic testing for dogs. Here is some of what you will learn.

Screen for 100+ genetic diseases. Learn if your dog will live a long and healthy life or if there are diseases that it will be predisposed to getting. Such knowledge can help your pet live a happier and healthier life. Check for things such as the MDR1 genetic mutation or Exercise-induced Collapse (EIC).

Learn of the genetic history of the dog, including information about its ancestors, several generations back. Learn if your dog is purebred or what combination of dog breeds make up your mixed breed dog.

Test for traits including coat colors, coat types, and morphology to learn a bit about what a dog will look like as it gets older. This can help you choose the pick of the litter for show dog potential.

Test for Genetic Diversity. Be assured that a dog come from a breeding line that has enough genetic diversity to avoid health problems now, or for future generations.

Your test purchase gives you access to the Breeder Tool, a leading-edge program that allows breeders to find appropriate breeding partners for their dog, using the information from the tests. You can connect breeders with other users all around the world.

The tests are easy to use and just require a simple saliva sample. Collect the sample and mail it in, using the included return packaging, and then just sit back and wait for your results.  The information you get will help you help your pet and the genetic integrity of the species.

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