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Trading Woes on Black Thursday: January 15, 2015

Picture this. You are a very good trader, trading mainly with technical indicators. You use such tools as charts, Bollinger Bands, support and resistance, slow stochastic, money flow and several other indicators. These skills have served you well and you have a successful 10 year track record. You like the leverage of trading commodities and currencies. Currencies offer the greatest leverage, requiring only a 2% margin. That means that you put only $2.00 down for every $100 you trade. You are rather conservative and even though you have a $10,000 account you trade only $2,000. With a $2,000 margin at 2% you are controlling $100,000 of currencies. You are trading $2000 of EUR/CHF. Currencies are always spread trades. In this case you are buying the Euro (EUR and selling the Swiss Franc (CHF).Continue Reading

Currency Info: How Does the Strong US Dollar Affect Your Portfolio?

Currency fluctuations affect a country’s economy and, in turn, the individual investor. Here we want to examine how a strong or weak currency will permeate the economy. Always remember that currency fluctuations are relative depending on the countries involved.Continue Reading

Inflation is Rising and Government Can’t Stop It.

You are standing in line at the checkout of your local supermarket. The cashier tallies up your tab and you are shocked at how much it is. It’s way more than last year and even more than last month. It dug a big hole in your weekly paycheck. On the way home you stop to fill your gas tank only to find that the price of gas has gone up 15 cents a gallon since your last fill up. You arrive home and check your mail and find that your landlord just raised the rent. These events are not random. They are happening all across America.Continue Reading

The Fascinating World of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, started in 2009, is taking the world by storm. From just a few dollars for one coin, the price has skyrocketed to $1,000. This has spawned a host of questions about Bitcoin, What is it? Who Owns It? How Do I Buy and Sell Bitcoins? How Do I Use Bitcoin to Buy Merchandise or Services?Continue Reading