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URGENT-Check Your Energy Portfolio Now!

The OPEC decision not to cut oil production is a watershed event that will change the energy industry for years to come. OPEC Secretary General, Abdalla El Badri stated: “We will produce 30 million barrels a day for the next 6 months and we will watch to see how the market behaves.” Energy Minister, Suhail Al Mazrovei said: “Newcomers to the market who have the highest costs and created the glut should be the ones to determine prices.”Continue Reading

Investing in ETFs for High Dividend Yields

In 1989, we saw the first ETF, a fund based on the S & P 500 Index. The concept spread quickly to Index ETFs, and to stock, bonds and commodities. ETFs are similar to mutual funds but offer several advantages. They can be traded throughout the day at low cost and can be sold short, thus making them a vehicle for traders who buy and sell regularly. The ensuing years saw an explosion of ETFs that now cover every segment of the market and has spread worldwide covering most of the developed and emerging markets in North America, Europe and Asia. In recent years ETFs were added in Currencies and the newest innovation is the introduction of Inverse ETFs that move opposite a given stock or commodity. If this wasn’t enough, creators of ETFs have added a multiplier of 2X or 3X making the change in price double or triple the single ETF.Continue Reading

At the Crossroads: Using Inverse ETFs

A quick look back over the past twelve years gave us some of the biggest roller coaster rides in history. We had the dot com bubble burst in 2000 followed by the 9/11 downturn. The economy was in a shambles.Continue Reading

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a single investment entity that is like a basket of stocks. A single mutual fund actually invests in hundreds, or even thousands, of other stocks. By owning one share of the mutual fund, you actually own a small slice of all these other companies. Continue Reading

ETFs – Pros and Cons

ETF is short for Exchange Traded Funds, or investment vehicles that invest in a basket of stocks. The difference between an ETF and a mutual fund is that an ETF trades like a stock on a regular stock exchange, and its share price is calculated several times per second, based on the value of its underlying securities. Continue Reading