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A New Focus: Greece is Under the Microscope

Focus is changing to Europe. Events are happening there at lightening speed. From the recent assassinations in Paris to Greece and to Brussels, the headquarters of the Eurozone. So – let’s take a closer look. Continue Reading

Europe Goes to Negative Interest Rates-Investors Beware

Mario Draghi, Chief of the European Central Bank announced this week that it will go to “Negative Interest Rates.” Negative interest rates go below zero. The new rate will be (minus) -.1%. What does all this mean?Continue Reading

Is France Totally Bankrupt?

France is totally bankrupt. So says French Jobs Minister, Michel Sapin. Bruno Moschetto, professor of economics at the University of Paris added his own take on the French economy. He said: “The ability to tax citizens to death to bail out the state is hardly a reasonable measure of non bankruptcy.” “I suggest having to confiscate the wealth and savings of citizens to bail out the state is proof of bankruptcy.”Continue Reading

The Crisis in Europe is Bubbling up Again

On this Independence Day we are seeing a world in chaos politically, socially and economically. Starting in Europe we see increased social and political turmoil. With recessions deepening from a prolonged reign of austerity, the future of Europe is gathering storm clouds once more. The hot spots are still Greece and Portugal. In Greece the governing troika of the Euro zone is demanding that Greece show actual numbers of layoffs and privatization. Otherwise they are threatening to withhold further bailout monies.Continue Reading