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The Election in Greece: Syriza Party’s Stunning Win

It was to be a grand thing, this Euro. It was the water that would raise all the boats of each European country and for 10 years it did just that. The headquarters was set up in Brussels. A troika would rule. It was the European Commission, The European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Each country could issue its own bonds. Interest rates fluctuated based on the relative economic strength of each country. Germany with its strong industrial capacity and exports rose to the top. The Southern countries of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy lacked the exports. Instead they relied on the money from their bonds to put people to work in the public sector. What no one realized at the time was that all the new debt being issued would eventually need to be repaid in Euros, not their old currency. This inflated the debt.Continue Reading

A New Focus: Greece is Under the Microscope

Focus is changing to Europe. Events are happening there at lightening speed. From the recent assassinations in Paris to Greece and to Brussels, the headquarters of the Eurozone. So – let’s take a closer look. Continue Reading

2015 – How is the World Doing?

It might be helpful to take a reading on various countries at the beginning of 2015 to help investors decide where to place their bets in the coming year. Some trends are affecting all major world economies while others are country specific.Continue Reading

Is the Bond Market Ready to Crash?

The media hype is for a sharp sell off in the bond market. Some “gloom and doom” pundits are even predicting a crash that will plummet the world into a worldwide depression. The US Federal Reserve has ended its $4.5 trillion bond purchase program. Fed Chairperson, Janet Yellen, has maintained a “stead as she goes” policy without a definitive time frame for raising rates. This has left analysts in a state of suspended animation.Continue Reading

Why are Oil Prices Falling in the Midst of Mid-East Chaos?

The oil market is one of the most illusive and difficult markets to understand. In past decades it was simple. OPEC controlled prices. When prices got too low, they cut production and prices rose. Now, however, we no longer have a single group in charge. The market is fraught with trends and counter trends that create confusion and places traders on edge. Just about a month ago, West Texas Intermediate (WTI), the US benchmark, was trading at $106-$107 per barrel. This Friday prices have dropped to $93.65 per barrel for October delivery. There are rumors of a price drop to $70-$80 per barrel.Continue Reading

Is France Totally Bankrupt?

France is totally bankrupt. So says French Jobs Minister, Michel Sapin. Bruno Moschetto, professor of economics at the University of Paris added his own take on the French economy. He said: “The ability to tax citizens to death to bail out the state is hardly a reasonable measure of non bankruptcy.” “I suggest having to confiscate the wealth and savings of citizens to bail out the state is proof of bankruptcy.”Continue Reading

Investing in Water

We need water to live, our bodies are 70% water. Without water we die. Worldwide, there is crisis of monumental proportions that is facing us. The earth is covered with 97.5% water. 70% of the water in our glaciers is frozen. Only 2.5% is fresh water and just 1% is accessible. These numbers show the shocking condition of our water supply. At this writing, the world has 17% more demand for water than the supply available and poses a host of questions. Among them are:Continue Reading

The Crisis in Europe is Bubbling up Again

On this Independence Day we are seeing a world in chaos politically, socially and economically. Starting in Europe we see increased social and political turmoil. With recessions deepening from a prolonged reign of austerity, the future of Europe is gathering storm clouds once more. The hot spots are still Greece and Portugal. In Greece the governing troika of the Euro zone is demanding that Greece show actual numbers of layoffs and privatization. Otherwise they are threatening to withhold further bailout monies.Continue Reading