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Three Pillars of the Economy – Jobs and Wages, Corporate Profits and Housing

We live in a world of numbers. No where is this more prevalent than on Wall Street. It seems that we have an index for just about everything. Trying to follow all this data is quite overwhelming. For this discussion we’ve chosen three areas for review. For investors, this is a thumbnail of the “big picture” of the US economy. They are Jobs and Wages, Corporate Profits and Housing.
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How to Protect Your Portfolio

With the stock market averages making new highs every few weeks, investors are becoming increasingly edgy about what will happen next. These are unsettling times. We have a high US national debt running about $17 trillion. Added to this the US Federal Reserve has bought $4 trillion of bonds and mortgage backed securities from the big banks. They are now in the process of reducing their purchases, but they still must sell these securities back to balance their books. In addition they must continually issue new bonds to finance our debt.Continue Reading

Investing in Solar Stocks

This week the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System started up in the Mojave Desert, 45 miles southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, making it the largest in the world. It stretches for five square miles and has 350,000 mirrors, each the size of a garage door sitting atop 459 foot towers. The mirrors reflect sunlight to boilers that create steam that runs turbines, which in turn, produces electricity.Continue Reading

Keeping Management Fees Low

Mutual funds and ETFs are pretty good investments, except for one aspect – the fees. Mutual funds and ETFs charge all types of fees – many of which are part of the “expense ratio”, but others are straight up front. Here is what you need to know about mutual fund and ETF management fees.Continue Reading

Should I Invest in Individual Stocks?

Once you’ve decided to start investing, and important question comes up: should I invest in individual stocks, or should I stick with mutual funds or ETFs. Here are some arguments for investing in individual stocks, and reasons why you may want to avoid investing in individual stocks. Continue Reading

Understanding a Roth IRA and its Advantages

A Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a popular investment and retirement vehicle for millions of Americans. If you’re just getting started investing, you may even be considering using a Roth IRA. However, a Roth IRA was designed by the United States Tax Code, and as a result, there are a lot of rules and nuances as to what you can and can’t do with a Roth IRA. Here is what you need to understand about a Roth IRA. Continue Reading

Important Investing Principles

Investing is as much of an art as it is a science. There is a ton of data and analytics that go into every investment decision, and companies spend billions developing software to analyze the stock market. However, many people have also made great investments on the “social and art” aspects of investing: management style, leadership, and more. Here are some important investing principles that you should consider when making your next investment decision.Continue Reading

Diversification: Everything you Need to Know

Diversification is the idea that investing in a variety of different assets can minimize certain risks. The idea stems from the fact that not all assets move up and down together, and some asset classes actually move in no harmony with the broad market. As a result, a diversified portfolio will theoretically have less risk than a non-diversified portfolio. Continue Reading

ETFs – Pros and Cons

ETF is short for Exchange Traded Funds, or investment vehicles that invest in a basket of stocks. The difference between an ETF and a mutual fund is that an ETF trades like a stock on a regular stock exchange, and its share price is calculated several times per second, based on the value of its underlying securities. Continue Reading

How to Evaluate a Stock

If you are thinking about investing in individual stocks, you need to remember that you are going to become a shareholder in the company. This makes you and owner, and you should be doing due diligence as such. Great investors like Warren Buffett spend weeks going through a company’s financials and learning about a company’s management before investing. Here is what you should look at when evaluating a stock. Continue Reading