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Investors-Urgent Start Following the Giant Bond Bubble

During the last few weeks we saw the stock market gyrate with wild swings up and down. Investors started thinking “crash” mode. In times of crisis we need a clear head and logical thinking. First, let’s look at who is doing the buying and selling. The US Federal Reserve gave the big banks 4 trillion to play with when they set in motion their bond- buying program. It lasted from 2009 through 2013 and will end this year. (When the Fed buys bonds it credits banks’ balance sheets.) The banks used this money to rally the stock market to new all time highs. So, this was a ‘big boys” rally. Individual investors have been largely absent in this bull- run. The selling and buying that occurred was largely driven banks and hedge funds.Continue Reading

Getting Technical

Investing in the markets can be a challenge. First, you have a range of asset classes to choose from, including bonds, stocks, commodities, options, ETFs, REITs, Mutual Funds and real estate, Within each category you then must choose the ones you believe will perform best. This is where you must spend some time doing your homework. You can simply choose a mutual fund and hope for the best that the overall market will keep going up. If, on the other hand, you want more control over your investments you must delve deeper into the markets.Continue Reading

Mutual Funds: Pros and Cons of Actively Managed Investment Funds

One of the leading ice cream makers lists 72 different flavors. When it comes to mutual funds, you are looking at 9,000 different varieties. These can be broken down into four main investment categories, namely, stocks, bonds, money markets and hybrid funds. Within these four groups there is a large swath of choices. They canContinue Reading

Keeping Management Fees Low

Mutual funds and ETFs are pretty good investments, except for one aspect – the fees. Mutual funds and ETFs charge all types of fees – many of which are part of the “expense ratio”, but others are straight up front. Here is what you need to know about mutual fund and ETF management fees.Continue Reading